from by Smegma Brothers



It`s just an old case and the story is all known
Only takes a little breeze to wake the fucking storm
I told you everything, that was a big mistake
And I shared everything with you, now it`s too late

This is the story of the game, I never told you about a name
No one needs these so called friends and what surprise, the story ends
I want to know was it all fake, it`s breaking me, keeps me awake
Open your eyes you stupid prick, don`t fuck with me you hypocrite

I had a friend in those days that i could trust
He became a victim to his sinful lust
He listened to the voice between his legs, gave up
He was a man and horny pigs are hard to stop

This is the story of the game, I told you so, it`s still the same
I took a step, you`re still a friend, no one needs this thing to end
Now it`s a story from the past, we`re drinking beer, won`t let it last
It wasn`t wrong, it was not right, we`ll lose together in this fight

When the idiot is taking over, getting jealous fucking blind
Take a step, move fucking forward, go on and stay in line


from Smegnificent, released January 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Smegma Brothers Freiburg, Germany

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